Thursday, 30 October 2014

Don't Panic - Sponsor - Pin Me Down

Helena Stringer - Free*Style - Don't Panic Coverage - Pumpkin Queen

Pin Me Down is one of the sponsors this year for Don't Panic. They mostly deal with products that are makeup layer based, but they do have other odds and ends in the store.

They are offering 5 little rats to find. There are 4 colours of eyes, and one makeup pack, with and without the veins.

Helena Stringer - Free*Style - Don't Panic Coverage - Pin Me Down


Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - R.Red in Cognac - Not Free
Shape - Infamous - Don't Panic 2014 Female - Hunt Item @ Don't Panic
Skin - Fierce Designs - Halloween Skin - Hunt Item @ Don't Panic 
Eyes - Pin Me Down - Demonic Eyes in Burned - Hunt Item @ Don't Panic
Dress - Gothic Passionate Dreams - Miss Halloween Dress - Hunt Item @ Don't Panic
Crown - Goth1co - Pumpkin Patch Crown - Hunt Item @ Don't Panic
Necklace - Zyn - Horned Fire Amulet - L$1
Shoulder Pet - KittyCatS - Peek-A-Boo Pumpkin Cat in Bengal Black - Hunt Item @ Don't Panic 

Did you read on our intro to "Don't Panic"? Best visit our post HERE. If you did, you can start your search HERE.


Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Plummy vv
Skin--flounce Scarlett Lace (group gift in store)
Hair--Little Bones Transmute (group gift in store, 100L join fee)
Eyes--Poetic Colors Opal Seashell (subscriber gift in store)
Lipstick--Angelica Mellow Plum (30L gacha at The Season's Story)
Piercing--HoD The Dead, razor color (60L, 50% off at Tengoku no Rakuen)
Necklace--Maxi Gossamer Pearl Daisies (group gift in store)
Tattoo--Vestigium Skulls War (updated for SLink Physique)
Tights--Insanya Lace Leggins Style 3 (updated for various appliers)
Dress--Tee*fy Blair Puffy Dress (free gift at HavenHollow)
Mesh body--SLink Physique (worn with flounce skin applier)
Mesh hands--SLink Flat (worn with flounce skin applier)
Mesh nail applier--La Boheme Batik Haze (freebie in store--last day, hurry!)
Pose--oOo Trudy

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Monday, 27 October 2014

Pulse Games Presents . . . Don't Panic

Free*Style - Don't Panic - 1

Pulse Games is hosting another of it's famous Halloween "Haunted House" experiences. This year it really is a Haunted House, where as past versions have had very varied themes. All revolve around a story line, a set of tasks you need to preform to progress, and many thrills and chills to make you jump.

A lot more info after this break.

Saturday, 25 October 2014


Massacre 1vv 
Hair--Alice Project Summertime Sadness (25 Oct 2014 free gift for Halloween Massacre in-store event)
NOTE: During the event, one free hair will be available on on each day, 25-31 October. After each date has passed, the hair is 50L. VIP gift hairs become available on select days.

Skin--The Skinnery Gemma 6, champagne (75L TAG gacha, visit Gachatopia for HUD)
Eyes--IKON Immortal Blade
Eyelash tattoo--Lumae Eyelashes Normal (part of group gift in store)
Eye makeup--The Skinnery Running Mascara
Hair base--Exile (free fatpack in store)
Tattoo--Para Designs Gothic Kiss (gift in store)
Necklace--BOOM Bonnwi Collier Aged
Knife--Ploom (prop from The Slasher pose pack)
Dress--antielle Pinacotheca Dress - Peonies (group gift in store)
Stockings--Sheer Stockings 14 Torn Stripe
Mesh hands--SLink Bag (R) and Flat (L) (worn with The Skinnery skin applier)
Mesh nail applier--Dark Passions Koffin Nails Zombie Rot (1L Zombie Apolcalypse Hunt item)

Massacre 2vv
Hair from left to right--Alice Project (VIP gifts for Halloween Massacre in-store event, 750L join fee)
--Kimberly (25 Oct 2014 VIP group gift)
--Persephone (2013 VIP group gift, still available--previously blogged)
--Disna (2013 VIP group gift, still available)
--Helga (2013 VIP group gift, still available)

Skin from left to right--The Skinnery Gemma (75L TAG gacha, visit Gachatopia for HUD)
--Gemma 7, honey tone
--Gemma 5, champagne tone
--Gemma 10, honey tone
--Gemma 6, champagne tone

Poses--Koy Cross (available at Mystic Realms Fair)

For more information on how to play TAG gacha, see the official blog.

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Helena Stringer - Free*Style - Creaturosity - 1

Horror Haute's "Death Becomes" event is almost over, so if you haven't redeemed your tokens, it is time to go. If you don't understand what I am talking about, please check out this post HERE. I explain all the rules to this special round of Horror Haute.

This dress from Lolapop is on of the items you can get a token from. The tokens allows you to get a free dress with a colour change hud.

Helena Stringer - Free*Style - Creaturosity - 2

You know me and eyes. I can't help but want them all, the more unique, colourful and different they are, the more likely I am to purchase them. These beauties are from the Chop Shop, they are a RARE from a gacha, located in the gacha graveyard of the Bloody Horror Fair. There are 4 unique RARES as well as a bunch of commons. If you would like to see all the colours, please view the shop owner's poster HERE.


Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Together Apart in Night - L$40 @ Genre
Hairbase - PXL - Razored Tattoo 2 - Not Free
Skin - Nunu's - Wicked Fawn Special Edition - SL F&O Group Gift (Free to Join)
Eyes - Chop Shop - Zero eyes in "In All Mad" - Bloody Horror Fair Gacha RARE Item
Lashes - La Sylphide - Natural Prim Lashes - N/A
Hands - Slink - Elegant - Not Free
Nail Appliers - By Snow - Caution Nails - Not Free (there is a free wearable tester tho)
Hand Fades - Orc Inc - Blend Hands in Coal - Not Free
Tattoo - Speakeasy - Sleepwalking Tattoo - Eloquence SL Group Gift (Free to Join)
Dress - Lolapop - Marisol Dress/Texture Change Hud - New for Horror Haute/Death Becomes
Earrings - Snatch - Fleur De Lit - Free Dove Mini Hunt
Lip Ring - Diamante - Agony - SL F&O Group Gift (Free to Join)
Bracelet -  Snatch - Suede Wristband - Free Dove Mini Hunt
Horns - Half-Deer - Aventine Horns in LeyeLAC - Gacha Item

***Special Note - The Photo Studio at Dulce Secrets is free to use, and a public place. Please feel free to use the location for taking pics. There are many pose props and backdrops, as well as poses. I have visited here for a good number years now, on and off. Please be considerate of others, and be dressed. This is not an area where you should prance around nude.***

Friday, 24 October 2014

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's...RUN!

  I had way too much fun playing with windlight settings.
Hair: Hanauta, gift in store (other colors available)
Clothing/Wings/Horns/Lipstick: The Creatures, 10L, many appliers included
Necklace: Zyn, free
Skin: Flounce @ Halloween Blackout, 75L gacha
Eyes: Dead Apples
Pose: Pretense
Windlight: It's called "CB Rouge" something on Firestorm

Halloween Headgear

Hat--8f8 Mistery Hats Macabre (50L mystery rare gacha for TAG!)
Hair--Ploom Pwny
Tattoo--Inhale Rosebud (65L for The Gacha Mania, mesh hands not included)

Hat--8f8 Lily the Cloud Catcher (The Season's Story 1st anniversary gift)
Hair--Koy Bri
Tattoo--Inhale Dove (65L for The Gacha Mania, mesh hands not included)

Headband--Mag Bat Headband (group gift in store)
Hair--Alice Project Persephone Halloween Macabre VIP (VIP gift in store, 750L join fee)
Tattoo--Vestigium Owl (mesh hands not included)

Hair and hat--MINA Carlijn Pastels (70L colorpack for The Dressing Room Fusion)
Tattoo--Inhale Diamond (65L for The Gacha Mania, mesh hands not included)
Ring--Spirit Store TSS Gift (The Season's Story 1st anniversary gift)

Hat--COCO Pumpkin Wig (group gift in store)
Tattoo--Inhale Solar (65L for The Gacha Mania, mesh hands not included)

Headband--Kitja Cherie Luna Headband (The Season's Story 1st anniversary gift)
Hair--Ploom Oh Deer
Tattoo--Inhale Illusion (65L for The Gacha Mania, mesh hands not included)
Ring--Earthstones Maxine Ring Onyx (free, Earthstones Mystery Hunt item)

Hat--Pizza's Spider Hat (Trunk or Treat gift)
Sunglasses--SORGO Flint Shades (9L Kustom 9 1st anniversary gift)
Tattoo--Vestigium Wolf (mesh hands not included)

Hat--C'est La Vie Pear Hat (The Season's Story 1st anniversary gift)
Hair--Ploom Hare
Tattoo--Inhale Dream (65L for The Gacha Mania, mesh hands not included)

Hair--Ink Uros (The Season's Story 1st anniversary gift)
Mask--Sn@tch Cannibal Muzzle, Fish4This Halloween Grab Bag #17 (caught with 100L rod and no bait)
Tattoo--Speakeasy In God We Trust (1L The Bling Hunt item, mesh hands not included)

Worn in all:
Skin--Belleza Ashley Glamour Puss (50L for Fifty Linden Friday)
Eyes--IKON Sunrise Black
Eyelashes--Lumae Eyelashes Longer (part of group gift in store)
Lipstick--Glam Affair Elit 10 
Necklace--trinket halloween bauble necklace (Trunk or Treat gift)
Crop top--Sn@tch Mesh Spangle Tee (lucky board)
Tank top--COCO Tank Top Black (gift in store)
Skirt--Bubble Juicy Skirt
Mesh hands--SLink Flat (worn with Belleza skin applier)
Mesh nail applier--La Boheme Black Cat (BOO! Bunny Hunt 3 item)
Pose--Label Motion Gayle

For more information on how to play TAG gacha, see the official blog.

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