Friday, 6 March 2015

Ready for Spring

The Fishing at Sn@tch is crazy this week, bringing you 20 mystery bags of goodies to collect. I am showing you two of the plethora of items. There are also 8 lucky boards, which I managed to get 7 of while fishing and sorting notecards.

Adoness was having a bit of a retirement sale. It was suppose to be finished, but I checked, and the items are still there. There are a bunch of eyes for L$10 and L$25 up stairs, so it is well worth your visit.


Shape - Lumae - Femboy Hunt Item
Hair - LeLutka - Group Gift (Free to Join)
Skin - {Frick} - L$1 Wearable Tester
Eyes - Adnoess - L$10 Retirement Sale Item
Lashes - Natural Beauty - N/A
Dress - Sn@tch - Free 7 Seas Fishing Prize
Collar - Sn@tch - Free 7 Seas Fishing Prize

Pose can be found at Shop Free*Style, where there are a bunch of pose packs ranging from Free to L$50.

***Note - You must have a 7 Seas Fishing Rod to actually Fish and get the prizes***

Thursday, 5 March 2015

I need these IRL

I came across the store Duh! in March of 2009. I was out and about, finding shoes for my sister, and low and behold, here was an awesomely named store, with great prices, and who actually offered lots of colours!

If you want to take a trip down nostalgia lane, I dug up the post. I forgot how funny I use to get on here. So go ahead, click it, laugh at my retro blog pics, shake your head at my humour. I know I did, haha.

Renee has been working in Blender, and making her own mesh now. These cute little boots are one of the results.

She was also a treasure, and offers them in purple, with there being the dreaded PANK! also in the package.

You can grab these for free at her shop. While there, be sure to click the subscriber, you will get another gift, check out the lucky boards, you letter might be up, and take a walk around. One of the greatest things about the label, is they offer wearable colour demos. Wearable meaning there are no logos, no words, no yucky bits on them. Just a totally wearable copy, in a unique colour, for you to enjoy.

Stockings - Sn@tch - For Love Stockings in White - Not Free
Boots - Duh! - Fur Top Snowboots in Purple - SL F&O Group Gift (Free to Join)

Pose - !bang - F*S pack 1a - Promo Pose @ Shop Free*Style

Skybox - [Circa] - French Persuasion Mini Skyroom in Walnut - Common Gacha Prize @ Mainstore

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Tutorial - Gacha Minion - Part 1 - How to get Started

I'm doing something a little bit different today. I had always planned on offering some tutorials of some sort, regarding sl, on Free*Style.

I can't say this is exactly what I had in mind for my first one, but it is about something I am sort of excited about.

There are going to be a ton of pictures, so I am going to put a break here, for those who see this on a feed, and not on our Original Free*Style site.

Today I am going to be showing you about Gacha Minion, a new tool, which will help you with your gacha collecting, selling and trading.

Why would I be putting this on Free*Style? Well, Gacha Minion has a free version of their product, though limited, which I feel can suit the needs of some of our Viewership here. We also cover gacha items on Free*Style, so I thought it was relevant  as well. I think that even if you just have the Starter account, and either don't feel the need to have the other features, or simply can't afford an upgrade, there are other very valuable things about this tool, which I will try and show you.

I am going to take you through the setup process of the free account, as I myself do it. Gacha Minion as a company has it's own tutorials and answers many questions of the Official Site, which I have links to at the bottom of this post.

This is just my experience, setting it up.

Friday, 27 February 2015

It's cold out!

The wonderful thing about Second Life, is no matter how cold it is in my first, I can put on a summer dress and no one will look at me like I am crazy. They just look at me that way because of the way I dance. =)


Shape - External Appearance Shapes - L$10 The Wash Cart Sale Item
Hair - KMadd - Instore Gift
Skin - Kirei - L$10 The Wash Cart Sale Item 
Eyes - The Skin You're In - L$10 The Wash Cart Sale Item
Makeup (Lashes) - Lumae - Instore Group Gift (Free to Join)
Face Tattoo - Arise - Jack or Jill Hunt
Dress - M&M Style - Free Dove Free Item
Jewelry - Spyralle - Free Dove Hunt

Pose can be found at Shop Free*Style, where there are a bunch of pose packs ranging from Free to L$50.

Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat, I Love You

  Happy 5th birthday KittyCats!  I was very excited to get my two free KittyCats indeed!  I was also bummed when I messed up and when got sick.  But then I was happy because it made for an adorable picture, plus I know he will get better very soon.
  Here's to hoping for another five years!

Bed: Circa, was previously at an event, should be at the store soon
Cat One: Free in the KittyCats main store, includes one week food, click the cake by giant purple cat
Cat Two:  Free in the hunt starting at KittyCats, includes one week food, click the pink cat for the first LM.  This hunt is HARD.  Just advance warning.  Look for a little cake at each spot and touch it for the next LM.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Colour me Always

Even some more Free Dove items.


Shape - Savoir Faire - Free Dove Free Item
Hair - A&A - L$1 SL Marketplace Promo
Skin - PixyStix - Free Instore Gift
Eyes - By Snow - L$1 Instore Item
Bodysuit - Delish - L$10 SL Marketplace Promo
Coat - Spyralle - Free Dove Hunt Item
Earrings - Chop Zuey - Free Dove Free Item

Pose by Bang!

Deadly Briar

One of the worst parts about having my laptop taken in, is that I lost all my personally made windlights. I did manage to find a few that had escaped the wrath of a factory rest. They happened to be the ones more for my store ads, and not my blogging ones.

So I am in the process of recreating some, as well as taking some tutorials on some things I always wanted to try.

Due to this, my photos might not be the greatest for the next little while, but i hope to get it sorted soon.

That being said, I am very excited to show you a few things from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival(which runs until the 15th of March). I fell in love with this event since the first one popped on the grid, and have had the privilege of being invited to participate in a few of them as well.

I found this skin while out doing the Jack or Jill hunt, and had plans to share it with you all, so I was glad to find that I could mix it with some of my FGC items.


Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Allegory in Afterburn - Not Free
Hairbase - Amacci - Hairbase Tattoo 2 in Jet Black - L$0
Skin - The Little Bat - Zombie Pinup Skin in Decay - L$20
Eyes - The Stringer Mausoleum - Beast Within Eyes in Tabby - L$25 Common Prize @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Makeup 1(Lashes) - Lumae - Eyelashes Longer - included in the various Group Gifts
Makeup 2(Lips) - Pink Acid - Lip Shine Basics in Cherry - Jack or Jill Hunt
Lingerie - Ingenue - Angelique in Rouge - Not Free
Gloves -  Arise - Long Gloves in Black with appliers - L$55 @ Fi*Fridays
Harness & Accessories - !deviousMind - RoseShibari in Red - L$75 Common Prize @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Horns - Plastik - Lahkshana Jeweled Horns with Colour Change Huds - L$70 EPIC Prize @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Facial Piercings -  Daimante - Agony Facial Piercings with Colour Change Hud - SL F&O Group Gift (Free to Join)

***Special Note - The Photo Studio at Dulce Secrets is free to use, and a public place. Please feel free to use the location for taking pics. There are many pose props and backdrops, as well as poses. I have visited here for a good number years now, on and off. Please be considerate of others, and be dressed. This is not an area where you should prance around nude.***